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Mold, Dust Mites & Odor Elimination in Connecticut & Westchester, NY

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Often, the first signs of mold are visible, blotchy stains found on the floor, walls, or around the plumbing pipes in your home. However, mold is not always visible. Other warning signs may include higher levels of moisture and condensation or a persistent musty odor.

In order to make sure there is no moisture left in between your walls, in the ceiling, or in the cracks of the floor- you must hire a professional to get the drying done as required. M-Squared Basement Waterproofing uses commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the inside air humidity to below 55% (the point at where certain types of mold can start to grow). We will also track progress with monitoring equipment.

Mold, Dust Mites & Odor Elimination in Connecticut

Moist, Damp Spaces Breed Dust Mites & Mold

Mold thrives in moist, dark environments, with a food source of organic materials to consume and dislikes the sun and dry areas. Mold growth usually starts below ground level, in your basement or crawl space area.

Dust mites also thrive in similar conditions. While their presence is merely an irritation, their microscopic feces pose a serious health hazard equal to mold spores. Dust mites can cause respiratory issues, just like mold. These microscopic creatures defecate up to 20 times per day, with each mite creating waste the weighs up to 200 times its own body weight.

Mold is not only responsible for damaging building materials and possessions, but it can also affect your family’s health. Mold can cause breathing problems and can trigger asthma, allergic reactions, or other respiratory ailments.

Dehumidification & Drying Service

Need of Professional Dehumidification & Drying Services

What to do if you find water or condensation in your crawl space? Time is of the essence here. Removing water quickly keeps damage to a minimum – less time for the water to penetrate walls, floors, and anything else in its path. After removing water, the crawl space may look dry, but there is a good chance they are still retaining moisture.

Most building materials are porous and will retain significant water; this water retention will cause building materials to warp, swell, or break down and can also cause mold damage. So it is essential to dry and dehumidify properly with air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers.

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  • 5 Stars

I was having significant water leaking into my basement from eroded areas of concrete around piping. The team from M. Squared repaired all of the problem areas that were allowing external water to leak in.

  • 5 Stars

I am very pleased with the basement waterproofing. I haven't had any issues with water in my basement since Dan applied his product. Dan was great to work with and is very knowledgeable.

  • 5 Stars

We contacted Dan when putting our home up for sale after realizing we had a serious water issue under our slab, he was very responsive and had some ideas to ...

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