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Penetrating Seal Coating in Connecticut & Westchester, NY

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Penetrating Seal Coating for Basement

Why Need Penetrating Seal Coating for Basement?

While concrete may seem strong enough without any treatment, it is not as strong and protected as it can be. The tiny pores of a concrete slab and foundation can absorb water if not treated with a waterproofing concrete sealer. Basements are one of the most vulnerable areas of a home since they are at high risk of flooding, excessive mold, and mildew build-up, and the passage of radon gases. Since most basements are comprised of either concrete cinderblock walls or poured foundations without the proper insulation they are at high risk of the aforementioned.

The best way to remediate and prevent water absorption is to use a waterproofing concrete sealer. When looking for a basement waterproofing concrete sealer it is best to look for a penetrating sealer that will leave an invisible finish without the risk of peeling, flaking, and delamination.

Why Go for Basement Waterproofing?

If you've experienced leaking walls or seepage through the floors or cracks in your home's basement, you need a system that's going to keep your basement dry, all the time. The benefits of professional basement waterproofing are:

  • Prevent further damage and costly insurance claims
  • Keep mold and mildew away from your property
  • Protect your belonging
  • Reduce flooding risks
  • Improve the smell of your home or business building
  • Retain your property value
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Basement Waterproofing by M-Squared Basement Waterproofing

We provide a complete waterproofing system. We correct the drainage and water flow problems contributing to water leaks and dampness. Our certified experts have the skills and knowledge to handle any kind of foundation issue. We offer you a combination of experience and advanced technology. Our range of basement waterproofing services include:

  • Dehumidification
  • Drainage System
  • Sump Pumps
  • Leaking Crack Repair
Basement Waterproofing Drainage

Why Choose M-Squared Basement Waterproofing?

  • Licensed & insured technicians
  • Locally owned & operated business
  • Background & drug-tested workers
  • 25-year warranty on installation
  • Financing available

We solve all kinds of wet basement problems like leaks, humidity, and musty smells to make a basement dry and healthy. Contact us online or call us today at 860-378-2625 to get rid of any kind of basement leakage problem in Connecticut & Westchester, NY area.

5 Star Reviews from Satisfied Customers

  • 5 Stars

I was having significant water leaking into my basement from eroded areas of concrete around piping. The team from M. Squared repaired all of the problem areas that were allowing external water to leak in.

  • 5 Stars

I am very pleased with the basement waterproofing. I haven't had any issues with water in my basement since Dan applied his product. Dan was great to work with and is very knowledgeable.

  • 5 Stars

We contacted Dan when putting our home up for sale after realizing we had a serious water issue under our slab, he was very responsive and had some ideas to ...

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