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  • Reviewed By: Ron C.
  • Location: Middletown, CT
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  • Comment: We had some cracks in our foundation repaired by M-Squared in 2019. Dan came to the house for a consultation and identified areas that he recommended for repair. We had some cracks that were worse than others (due to size and/or location), and Dan let us know how he evaluated them, from most to least worrisome. We decided to have the highest-priority cracks filled, and, although he recommended others, he did not pressure us into anything we weren't comfortable with.

    The M-Squared team was professional and unobtrusive throughout the crack repair process. The work done was of high quality, and done quickly. Dan was very communicative regarding appointment times and arrangements for things like basement access, locking up when leaving, etc. After completing the job in the basement, Dan told us that he saw some cracks on the exterior of the house that he recommended filling. We thanked him for the information, but told him that we were not interested in having any more work done at that time. He then asked if we minded if he repaired those exterior cracks for no additional cost! Of course we said yes, and we appreciate him going above and beyond the original scope of the job.

    Finally, M-Squared's customer service after the job was completed has been impressive. Dan checked in a few times since the original repairs, reminding us that we have a lifetime warranty and asking if we need anything. A couple years after the crack repair, we noticed that gaps appeared in the epoxy that was applied to fill the cracks, apparently due to the foundation moving and making the cracks bigger. We provided some pictures to Dan, and he had an employee over to re-do the affected cracks within a few days. Once again the work was done well, efficiently, and unobtrusively.

    Oh, and we don't get any water in our basement anymore! During the original repairs, we had heavy rain, and some water got in near one of the cracks that was being repaired. M-Squared added some repair work in that area, and we haven't gotten any water since, there or anywhere else.

    Overall, we are very impressed with Dan and M-Squared. Based on our satisfaction with the work performed and the customer service provided, we recommend them without reservation.
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