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Reviews for M-Squared Basement Waterproofing

  • Reviewed By: Edward F.
  • Location: Stamford, CT
  • Comment: Just last week, I told a visitor that I had 2 leaks from cracks in the blocks in my garage that don't leak anymore.

    The leaks were caused by the shock of large trees hitting my house. One basement company said, "you need 2 or 4 sump pumps, perhaps for the basement also."

    A realtor friend said, "OMG people will think you have major water problems!" Others included 2 masons who said those cracks must be fixed from the exterior.

    This meant removing large bushes in the front of the house. More difficult was removing & replacing part of an Ipey deck in the rear.

    Dan and his crew came and fixed the complicated leak problem from the inside. It has never leaked since then.

    Thanks Dan for your system & materials!

    Edward Fuhr
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