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Reviews for M-Squared Basement Waterproofing

  • Reviewed By: Denis P. H.
  • Location: West Hartford, CT
  • Comment: We’re happy to answer questions about Dan’s work.

    We live in an old (1926) West Hartford house with an old New England basement or cellar. Over the years it had been painted and waterproofed again and again until the paint was flaking off everywhere. We had some small water leaking problems in very heavy rain but that was more of a cosmetic problem than anything else. But it was a problem nonetheless and the place looked messy and probably there would be rain and groundwater issues in the future as is common in our neighborhood.
    We called in Dan on the advice of another basement contractor who had done other jobs for us but who did not do that sort of work and who highly recommended Dan’s company.
    Dan came in and proposed scraping off the entire wall surface of paint down to the stone, patching the various gouges and dents and dings and cracks and then sealing the entire basement wall surface.

    He gave us the option of sealing up to the ground level or to the ceiling; we chose the latter.

    The job remained at the contracted level throughout — except for one major wall crack that was so deep and traveled across enough wall elements to require special attention:

    Cleaning it out, deeply patching it and blending the surfaces to one another. This was extra but it was not a huge amount. Otherwise Dan and his crew worked to the contract.
    Yes, the men came when scheduled, worked hard and well and finished the project on time. They sealed off their work from the rest of the house and in very way did the job professionally.
    We are pleased with the result. The walls are clean and seem sealed for eternity (or at least our part of it.) They did the work quickly and cleaned up very well after their job was done. We feel comfortable that the basement is now secure from water and other issues. I am confident that the basement walls will no longer be a problem at all.

    I am happy to recommend Dan Maitland and his crew. They did a very good job and we’re glad to have met them.
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